Research and Development

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"Having invested a lot of money to solve my stray voltage problems and not noticing any change, I agreed to EMVolt’s R & D project.

During the research project at my farm, EMVolt identified and characterized a source of current circulating in the milk lines of my milking units.

During the research project, EMVolt developed a solution specifically adapted to my milking units.

Since, all is well, mastitis and somatic cells are under control, and I am finally satisfied!"
Ferme Dency
Iles-Aux-Grues, QC
Milking units
"Our milking parlor was not operating at its full potential due to a communication problem between the various milking modules. As soon as EMVolt intervened, we obtained the full productivity of our milking parlor.

In addition, during their work on the communication network, EMVolt demonstrated that our stray voltage system voltage was part of the problem. EMVolt has updated our system which has eliminated many of the alarms displayed on the stray voltage system, proving that our system was generating false alarms intermittently.

On our second farm, the stray voltage system was constantly generating alarms. We were advised to replace a large part of our stray voltage system but following the intervention of EMVolt we were able to keep the same system without major investment and at a higher efficiency!

For a different expertise that gives results in electro-magnetism and voltage ... for us it is EMVolt!"
Bergeroy Holstein
St-Samuel, QC
Stray voltage system update<br>ID system performance enhancement
"For us the quality of the milk produced is a priority.

For the staff and for the cows, milking must be enjoyable. Calm cows, it’s important. We had noticed trampling and agitation on the part of the cows on the rotary and in our opinion, this stress was from electrical source. Therefore, we entrusted the mandate to find this source to EMVolt.

The first source identified by EMVolt was the milk meters at the rotary milking stalls.

In order to deepen their research, EMVolt had to acquire more efficient measuring equipment. EMVolt was then able to identify and characterize signals from the cow identification system. Then they developed a solution adapted to this new source.

Today, our cows are calm, and milking is more constant.

We feel confident with the EMVolt team!"
Ferme Roulante
Tingwick, QC
Cows ID system antenna at the rotary and at the sorting gate
Milking units
Stray voltage system update
"My cows have never been so calm! I have been looking for a solution for several years and since the intervention of EMVolt, I have completely stopped using my anti-kicks and my milking time condition has greatly improved. The cows stopped kicking at us.

At my farm, EMVolt has identified a new source of current affecting the comfort and the performance of my herd. This source was my heat identification system.

Following an R & D project, EMVolt has developed a filter specifically adapted to my problem.

My 13-year-old son can finally help us at milking time! This result becomes an asset of hope for the future."
Ferme Marc Duval
Nicolet, QC
Heat Detection System
"Two problems were affecting the performance at the milking parlor. The animals were nervous and uncomfortable in the presence of the milking units and after more than 7 years of effort, the performance of the identification system was around 50%.

Following a friendly meeting, we decided to participate in an R & D project with EMVolt.

At our farm, they have identified a current flowing through the milking lines of our milking units and sources of electronic noise affecting the performance of our identification system.

After great efforts, EMVolt has developed and validated a correction for our milking units and a filtering principle for our identification system.

Today milking is much better and we can work with our identification system!"
Ferme 3V
St-Eugene, ON
Milking units and cows ID system performance enhancement
"The stress generated by the stray voltage is so devious that our herd was more affected than we would have thought and, in many ways; including the refusal to enter the milking robot, reduction in food consumption as well as milk production.

The major problem was the refusal to enter the milking robot. Every morning we had to run after several cows to get them into the milking robot.

The installation of the stray voltage system, developed by EMVolt, allowed us to regain a quality of life and find pleasure again in coming to work.

Thanks to their interventions and their concern for success, we have established a relationship of trust with the EMVolt team!"  
Ferme Doresyma Boulianne
St-Bruno, QC
Stray voltage system installation
ID system antenna