01.Main Bonding Jumper

EMVolt is proud to introduce the Main Bonding Jumper, designed and built by out research team, it has been developed to meet the present-day electrical networks that are heavily polluted.

All correction techniques for stray voltage preceded 1995. At that time, electrical networks were little or not at all polluted by the presence of signal above 60 Hz.

The Main Bonding Jumper opposes to the flow of leakage current from the main switch. This leakage current is the source of stray voltage inside your building.

The Integrator identifies the leakage current from the utility network and/or feeders.

The Monitor allows you to see in real time the levels of stray voltage and leakage currents on the farm’s electrical network. In the event of a high leakage current being detected, it will send you an alarm, by text message or email, to notify you of the situation.

Uses state-of-the-art, open-core type current transformer to simplify installation.

02.ME series Filters

The filters of the ME series were designed following numerous investigations on the various milking equipment. Specifically designed to control current leakage from the probes (electrodes) used in milking units.

When a leakage current flows through the teat of your cow and/or any parts of its body, this usually causes a physiological reaction of your animal resulting in abnormal behavior and health conditions.

The ME series filters prevent current from the probes (electrodes) from flowing through the milk up to the teats or your cow.

03.EMV series Filters

Our range of EMV active filters is the most comprehensive on the market, covering the range of medium frequency leakage current sources that can be found on a dairy farm.

Whether for variable speed fan, electronic lighting, an electric fence, a variable speed motor, of for the transponder ID system, our research team has developed the filter that you need.

04.Cow trainer controller

The EMVolt cow trainer controller allows you to use your cow trainer while minimizing its impact on the herd comfort.

When using a cow trainer, for each pulse emitted by the controller, the electrical energy head towards the floor and your cows feel the electric shock whether they touch the trainer or not.

The EMVolt cow trainer controller detects the presence of your cow in contact with the cow trainer, and immediately allows for a few pulses to drive the cow back from the trainer.