Stray voltage, it’s our speciality

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Electrical network analysis

We offer you a complete analysis of your farm’s electrical network with a written report.

Stray voltage solutions

We offer the most complete solution whatever the sources are.

We offer the most complete solution whatever the sources are.

90 day trial period 

Do you have stray voltage problems that you want to solve? Are you worried about not getting results? EMVolt now offers you a 90-day trial period without any obligation on your part and without any cost on your part.

The trial period covers the cost of the equipment provided by EMVolt Inc. as well as our costs related to the implementation of your stray voltage solution. Any other costs associated with setting up your stray voltage solution are excluded from the trial period and at your expense.

If, at the end of the trial period, you are not convinced, we will take back our equipment free of charge.

If you decide to keep the solution in place, all costs are payable upon receipt of the invoice.

The eligibility requirements for the 90-day trial period are:

  1. Your farm must be located in Quebec or Eastern Ontario (east of ON-416)
  2. Carrying out an analysis of the farm’s electrical network. The analysis is billable and is not part of the trial period.
  3. Possess a level of current/voltage likely to affect your herd.
  4. Have behavioral and zootechnical problems that can be explained by the presence of currents/voltages.
  5. Your approval of the costs that may be applied as a result of your decision at the end of the trial period.

* Eligibility requirements are subject to change without notice.